Hitachi W51H hi-res mobile phone

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Hitachi_W51H_1.jpgHitachi don’t sell their mobile phones here in the UK, but their latest model, the W51H, makes me wish they did. It’s just been announced in Japan, and is a clamshell phone with a monster 2.9-inch display with 480×800-pixel resolution. That’s dribbleworthy in itself.

The phone also has a fingerprint-scanner to stop people nicking your sensitive data (i.e. saucy text messages), a two-megapixel camera with LED flash, 30MB of internal memory, and voice-activated GPS that lets you speak your destination, with the software then figuring out how to get you there.

It’s only available on Japanese operator KDDI at the moment, and given Hitachi’s regional focus when it comes to phones, don’t hold your breath for a UK release.

(via Newlaunches)

Stuart Dredge
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