Hitachi Europe starts production of high definition IPS LC screens for mobile handsets

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Mobile phone screens could improve considerably this year with the news that Hitachi has started production of 2.9-inch high definition IPS liquid crystal screen for mobile handsets, which should boost image quality, as well as offering a wider viewing angle.

The need for improved screens is being driven by the demand for new mobile phone technology – full-screen browsers, navigation, photography and mobile TV broadcasting have all driven the demand for better LCDs. Increasing the number of pixels for higher liquid crystal module definition usually means that the parts – including wires, which block light from the backlight – all become larger. By using IPS technology, Hitachi has been able to improve luminance without increasing power consumption.

When this technology filters through isn’t clear, but with ever-increasing demands on handsets, we should see it before the end of the year.

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