Drinking water goes hi-tech with HydraCoach


Forget using an ordinary water bottle, or keeping a mental tally of how many cups of water you’ve had during the day. You can now ensure that you get the right amount of water for any type of activity you’re doing.

The HydraCoach is ‘a unique device that calculates, monitors, and reminds the user to consume enough fluid for any activity or situation that a human could encounter.”

“Because thirsty is too late.” So there.

Determined by a user’s weight and duration of exercise, the product will generate a personal hydration goal for the day. The monitor can be further adjusted manually in the setup mode to accommodate other known hydration factors (i.e. intensity of exercise, heat, altitude, pregnancy, etc.) to meet each user’s specific hydration needs, or the recommendation of one’s coach or other nutrition expert.

It can measure many things, including total amount consumed, the personal hydration goal, average consumption, and has drink alarms to remind you to take on liquid when required.

The bottle is made from durable Polycarbonate, is 6 inches tall, and has a capacity of 22 fl. oz. The blue bottles are available from today, with orange bottles coming next week.

They cost $30 each, though it’s not clear if and when they’ll be available in the UK.

Product page (via Slippery Brick)

Andy Merrett
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