CES 2007: The Top 10 vids so far

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We’ve been blogging and shooting videos for what feels like weeks, so we thought it time to give you a rundown of the Top 10 CES 2007 vids so far. Drumroll please…

1. Is it a robot? Is it a hamster? Is it both? Really, it’s anything you want it to be.

2. More robots, this time Star Wars-themed. R2D2 will do anything media for you, but he really doesn’t want to see that Paris Hilton video again. Please.

3. Susi suffers US gadget envy checking out the LGenV. We think she’s kept the return portion of her ticket, but we can’t be sure.

4. Elvis is The King for a reason, you know. And now he’s back, at CES. I don’t think this counts as a ‘he’s alive!’ spot, though, so put that blog away.

5. You may think this looks dull, until you realise how much you need one. And then you will rue, oh yes.

6. We love our Shinies, really we do. Even when they’re dressed up like Hunter S. Thompson, gonzoing their way around Shadowrun on Xbox Live.

7. You may be au fait with the Ambilight telly, but are you down with the system? Oh yes. This baby rumbles.

8. I hate the Blues Brothers. I used to like them, until an ex watched the movie 40 times in a single week. If you’ve not had them ruined for you, watch them pimp Blu(es)-Ray.

9. Kat’s at it again, this time revealing her inner Nintendo fangirl as she coos over Wii travel bags and accessories in a very unique fashion. I don’t think Hunter would approve…

10. My telly’s bigger than yours. No, really. This 108″ behemoth will surely trounce everyone’s oversized telly claims for the whole five minutes it takes someone to invent the telly that can only be seen when on the moon, for it is that big. It’s called Asia.

Kate Walker
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