CES 2007: Samsung reveals its lineup of plasma TVs

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Samsung_plasma.jpgSome clear trends emerged from yesterday’s non-stop, big name press conferences and it looks very much like that despite the continuing improvement of LCD and the imminent arrival of SED technology, plasma is still going to be a hard fought ground in the HDTV market. Following on from Pioneer and LG’s big hitting plasma announcements, Samsung had its own plasma revelation to make. It revealed a new 50-inch (HPT5064) and 42-inch (HPT4264) HDTV, which provide improved picture technology and advanced features for users to enjoy the ultimate home theater centerpiece for broadcast and cinema viewing. And what makes it so special? Is an ultra low price tag? No. Is it a revolutionary new technology? No. Actually they just look rather nice, or as the video montage spokesperson put it: “It is an object d’art in your living room”. Well that’s that settled then.

Alongside these, two, which are part of the 64 series, Samsung also announced two 84 series models, weighing in at 58” (HP-T5884) and 50” (HP-T5084), and two 54 series models at 50” (HP-R5054) and 42” (HP-R4254). These are also Samsung’s very first plasma HDTVs that offer full 1080p resolution.

Apart from the ‘basically they just look good’ argument (as if that hasn’t swung you already), they are attempting to distinguish themselves from the competition with their FilterBright2 (54 series) and FilterBright2 Plus (84 and 64 series) technology. FilterBright2 series boasts an improved contrast ratio and utilizes enhanced algorithms for minimizing glare and providing outstanding picture quality. FilterBright2 Plus, meanwhile, produces an even greater contrast ratio than its predecessors, which translates into a picture that looks good even in brightly lit rooms.

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