CES 2007: Parrot adds AD2P streaming to your car stereo

CES 2007, Gadgets

A2DP, the new Bluetooth standard developed for streaming music wirelessly, first emerged in earnest around CES last year. Now that companies have time to get to grips with it, there are loads of gadgets anxious to take advantage of its capabilities. Parrot, purveyors of all things Bluetooth, is showing off its music orientated hands free car kit.

It isn’t exactly plug-and-play; you will need to have it installed in your car, but what you end up with is just one compact control unit with a a play/pause button, two track skip buttons and a volume control. These few serve to let you make handsfree calls and control your music. It will even synchronise with your phonebook and use a voice synthesiser to read out names so you can effectively scroll through your phone book without taking your eyes off the road.

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