CES 2007: Now Meccano (or Erector to our US chums) has its own robot – Spyke


spyke-erector-wifi-spy-robot.jpgWhat with all the Lego robot action it is no surprise to find that the other big toy construction brand from back in the day, Meccano has its own bot on the way. At CES it is unveiling a robot called Spyke.

It sounds bit like an alternative version of Sony’s much loved and much missed AIBO, in that it sports a webcam and is controlled via Wi-FI. Its big breakthrough though is unlike its robot canine chum, and very distant relative the Daleks, it can climb stairs.

The only downside is that in the US it is going to be marketed on the not very appropriate sounding Erector brand.

No news yet on price and availability.

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