CES 2007: Nokia revamps the N93 – calls it the N93i


Nokia_n93i_lowres.jpgPersonally I am a huge fan of the Nokia N93. I love its fabulous screen, wealth of features, cool web browser, flip open and morph into a mini laptop design and most of all its amazing camcorder.

What I am not so keen on though is its rather chunky design. Let’s just say that it become known in Shiny Towers as the phone that ate all the pies.

So today I am hugely excited to find that Nokia has updated the Nokia N93 and shed a bit of its ahem, girth. The new N93i is apparently slimmer and more compact – how compact well I’ll find out this afternoon.

Features include

MPEG-4 VGA video capture at up to 30 frames per second
3.2 megapixel (2048 x 1536 pixels) camera with Carl Zeiss optics, 3x optical zoom, autofocus and close-up mode
1 GB miniSD card
2.4inch display
MP3 player

Nokia has also tweaked the design a little so the reborn phone has a new metallic finish keymat and a mirror effect cover.

It also has Vox blogging software built it as we mentioned earlier today.

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