CES 2007: Lose the wires with the Truly FT603

CES 2007, MP3 players, Personal video players

This player caught my eye at the back of Truly’s booth. I haven’t heard of Truly before and from the exhibitor’s blank face when I mentioned ‘the UK’, I get the feeling these neat little players won’t be heading our way in the immediate future. Although there’s a bit of a iPod nano feel to them they have one feature that sets them aside from pretty much everything else in the western, MP3 player market: Bluetooth. They come with built-in A2DP standard Bluetooth that means you can not only listen to your music wirelessly but you can also share music files and photos with other Bluetooth devices.

Other specs include built in flash memory that goes up to 8GB, an integrated Micro-SD card slot, Video player (only compatible with AVI and ASF formats though), photo browser, and FM tuner. It seems also that music playback is currently limited to WMA formats for some reason.

It’s definitely a cool little player and makes you realise just how much potential there is in the adoption of new Bluetooth standards. I think they’re currently available in Japan, so if you happen to heading out that way, check them out for us and tell us what you think.

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