CES 2007: LG's flat panel speaker home theatre kit

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LG_LHT799.jpgSo let’s see: one massive LG telly… check. One high def hybrid player… check. But something’s missing – oh wait, LG also has a few brand new home cinema speaker kits for you, which conveniently come in the same piano black finish just in case you were tempted to consider something not made by LG and thus ruin the colour co-ordination of your living room.

The LG LHT799 Flat Speaker Home Theater System are designed to compliment your flat screen telly and includes two front floor-standing flat speakers that incorporate a down firing woofer for enhanced bass performance, a main receiver with “Virtual Sound Matrix” digital signal processing technology. The unit is designed to generate a multi-channel surround effect with “Immersive Sound Experience” technology for more natural sounding audio and offers a virtual 10.1 channel sound from a 5.1 channel source.

Like the Super Multi DVD recorders, this surround sound system also offers a USB Port USB Media Plus technology that allows for the playback of digital music, photos or videos directly from other digital devices, such as a digital camera, MP3 player or USB memory device.

In addition to its digital AM/FM radio tuner, it is also XM Radio-ready, providing access to over 160 channels of satellite radio entertainment with the addition of an XM Radio antenna and service subscription. Although this service doesn’t exist in the UK, it is pretty similar to our DAB radio system so with a bit of luck this may come with a DAB tuner instead.

The system also incorporates “Made for iPod” technology which is certified to meet Apple performance standards so consumers can directly connect, charge and control their iPod, providing easy access to digital music, photo and video libraries.

Other home theater systems that were announced include the 5-Disc Home Theater System (LHT764) and a Single Disc Home Theater System (LHT754) that each combine a 1,000W of audio power along with a stylish design featuring backlit touch sensor controls.

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