Archos Generation 4 helmet camera


helmet_cam_gen4.jpgHey, pot-holers! There must be some of you out there (as opposed to Down There). The Archos Generation 4 helmet-cam may be the gadget you’ve been waiting for. It’s a mini-cam that captures MPEG-4 video, complete with its own built-in remote and microphone.

The idea is you wear it on the supplied headband when you’re furtling about underground – although it’s as useful for extreme sports fans, or indeed anyone who wants to capture footage when their hands aren’t free.

It works even in near-darkness, and has a USB 2.0 connection to pull the video off onto a laptop or computer. Plus there’s the option to record in slow motion if you want. A steal at £97.

Archos Generation 4 helmet camera

Stuart Dredge
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