All-in-one Atomic Time watch – the jetsetter's timepiece


For the lucky few who get to travel the world for a living, one of the (very) few downsides is probably having to work out the local time, then changing your watch accordingly. The All-in-one Atomic Time watch does all that for you.

The watch is of US origin and guarantees to give you an accurate time check anywhere in that country, courtesy of the NIST time signal. But that’s not all – when it leaves the US, it can do the same in a number of other leading destinations, including Japan (via the JJY time signal), England (the MSF time signal) and Germany (DCF77).

And it is still very much the regular timepiece, with a backlit display, calendar, alarm and countdown timer. It’s also water-resistant.

Available now, you can pick one up for $39.99 (just over £20).

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