Bluevoice – combined watch and Bluetooth headset

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When gadgets converge, it can be beautiful thing, resulting in less weight in your pocket/bag and more functionality at your fingertips. But sometimes, it does go slightly wrong, resulting in something like the Bluevoice – the combined watch and Bluetooth headset.

Actually, rather than wrong, I’d probably say pointless. After all, don’t most of us already own a watch? But if you like the idea of a watch round your ear, you’ll be pleased to know that the Bluevoice will be officially unveiled later this year, with the big commercial push early next year. The marketing claims it to be an alterative to the "cyborg look" of many Bluetooth headsets – instead, you get a functional watch that transforms into a Bluetooth headset when a phone call comes in. It is actually worn as a watch, but when you receive a phone call, you can detach it and use it as a Bluetooth headset. When the call ends, you reattach to the strap. Maybe I’m missing something here – but wouldn’t it be easier to wear a watch and answer your phone?

Anyway, if you’re more convinced than me, you can look forward to paying $127.95 for the analogue version of the Bluevoice or $119.95 for the digital version, both in an assortment of colours and both due available in the first half of next year.                                 

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