ADS Tech Instant Video To-Go – fast conversion to iPod and PSP-friendly files

Personal video players

There are ways of downloading YouTube videos for your iPod, but if you’ve exhausted your favourites and want to convert some of your own PC-based files for the iPod or the PSP, you could give the Instant Video To-Go from ADS Tech a try.

Instant Video To-Go is the first hardware-based MP4 conversion tool for PCs that doesn’t encroach on your computer’s memory. The hardware accelerator incorporated in the USB device allows you to convert DVD and any video for playback on Apple iPods, Sony PSPs and other portable video players at up to five times faster than it would take to do the same conversion on a PC.

For example, a 100-min./2GB MPEG2 or VOB video file can be converted into high-quality (320×240), MP4 video in approximately 20 minutes. The same length video would normally require about 5 hours to convert with traditional software only encoding.

The Instant Video To-Go is available now, priced at £79.99, but note, it’s only compatible with Windows-based machines.

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