Watch YouTube videos on your iPod


Who cares if Apple is launching a movie download service anyway? What you want to watch on your iPod is teen webcam diaries, lip-synching Chinese blokes and funny animals, right? I didn’t realise it was possible to put YouTube videos onto your iPod, but apparently there are two applications that do just that.

iTube is a Windows app that gets you to paste the YouTube URL in, and then does the hard work of downloading and converting for you. Meanwhile, PodTube (pictured) is for Mac OS X users, and does pretty much the same thing, albeit through the Safari browser.

(via Epic Empire)

Stuart Dredge

One thought on “Watch YouTube videos on your iPod

  • PodTube may be free but you get what you pay for! Tubesock, which works for Mac, may cost $15, but well worth the price in features, reliability, and customer service. PodTube got stuck on encoding in a variety of situations. I tried a 1.5 minute video on YouTube at first, and it seemed to be forever stuck on encoding. I like free, but not when its frustrating! Time is money and I’d rather pay the small fee for getting something that works well.

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