Walk and glide skates


walk%2Bglide.jpgPiled on the pounds after all those leftover Christmas turkey meals? Then you need to get yourself a pair of these. Called the Walk n’ Glides, they’re a set of two clip-on wheels that you can attach to any shoe and then just simply skate away. Perfect for outrunning all those folk who you missed on your card list this year.

To be honest I’m a little unsure how these on-size-fits-all skates function. The wheel-on-the-heel setup displayed makes me think that I’d fall over backwards as soon as I got on them. I’d need to see a video of someone else first (YouTube turned up no results on a quick search) but I’d definitely give them a go. Any excuse for another scar to add to the collection.

Via Play.com.

John Connelly
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