Tech Digest 2006 interviews redux: HP Labs, Eleksen, OMG


Welcome to the third and final part of our transparent attempt to spend more time on the sofa after Christmas review of some of the best Tech Digest interviews of 2006. Today, it’s some of the more whiz-bang futuristic ones, to show you where it’s all going.

robson-small.jpgHuw Robson – HP Labs
Memory spots? Well, I do recall a few zits when I was a teenager… No no no, memory spots are HP Labs’ latest invention, which have been compared to ‘turbocharged RFID chips’ and ‘computers the size of a grain of rice’. Huw filled us in. Read more

shepherd-small.jpgRobin Shephard – Eleksen
For most people, wearable technology means they have a pocket set aside for their iPod. But to Eleksen, it means jackets and fabrics with the tech built in. Which often means a pocket for your iPod, yes, but also more imaginative features. Read more

morris-small.jpgJulian Morris – OMG
How did we get from ping-pong balls to Gollum in just a few years? Motion-capture firm OMG has the answers, with Julian explaining to us how the technology has moved on to pioneer new advances in movies, games and videos medical technology. Read more

Stuart Dredge
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