USB Cannon – open warfare across the office


Up and down the country, it’s silly season in the offices – time to wind down and fool about until you are finally let free to celebrate Chrtistmas. In fact it’s the time of year to buy something like a USB Cannon.

It’s a gadget that can only work in a crowded office environment. Looking like an old circus cannon, you just plug it into your USB socket, then press the space bar on your PC to fire over the missiles in whatever direction you choose. Your range is up to 10ft.

You get three missiles, which keep to the circus theme by looking like the glamorous assistant. And don’t worry about having someone’s eye out, they’re actually made of soft foam. There’s sound effects too, accompanying your every shot.

Ideal for wasting an afternoon after the office Christmas lunch, you can pick it up for £19.95.

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Dave Walker
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