The Compact TrueLite – super-bright LED flashlight


It’s getting dark almost as soon as it has got light right now, so a torch might come in handy. But how about a light with a difference – the Compact TrueLite – an LED flashlight and claimed to be the brightest in its class.

The Compact TrueLite is powered by just 3x AAA batteries, which illuminate 21 LED lights and delivering over 30 hours of non-stop brightness. Each LED has a massive bulb brightness of over 18000 mcd/5 lumens with LED lights achieving full brightness in approximately 0.01 seconds – 10 times faster than an incandescent light bulb (0.1 second).

The Truelite is just 10cm in size and made from toughened aircraft-grade aluminium, which is then finished in dark chrome. It is also energy efficient and environmentally friendly. It also lasts up to 15x longer than a standard incandescent bulb torch.

Available now, you can pick one up for £19.99.

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Dave Walker
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