Skyguard – personal safety through the party season


It is the season to out eating, drinking and partying with friends and colleagues – which could also mean a few extra late-night journeys. That’s where Skyguard could come in.

The Skyguard package combines a personal alarm with a 24 hour monitoring centre and nationwide National Response Service – designed to reassure you that someone will be there to support you at any time. Press two buttons simultaneously on the Skyminder 500 to call for aid, and a specially trained Controller at the Skyguard Emergency Response Centre will not only be able to speak to you through your device, but will also be able to access vital information to help them deal with your situation – important medical details, vital information about your lifestyle, and even your precise location at that very moment will appear on their computer screens.

It’s all possible by combining GSM (mobile phone) and GPS (satellite navigation) technology. In a pressurised or nervous situation, knowing that support is there might well make you feel more confident and secure.

The SkyMinder 500 is available now, priced at £199.99 with an additional monthly service fee of £19.99 for a minimum of 12 months.

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