Nintendo Wii launches in Europe


wiiwii.pngIt’s the one we’ve all been waiting for (unless you’re a Sony fan in which case you’re still about 3 months early).

At midnight today the Nintendo Wii went on sale across Europe, with many people who had put in pre-orders getting hold of the hallowed console today (it’s a long wait for that courier, isn’t it?)

The BBC reports that 17-year-old Marwan Elgamal was the first person in the UK to get hold of the console, having camped in Oxford Street for two days. Mad? Nah, just a die-hard fan.

Fears of exuberant gamers flinging their Wii remote at their TV have led Nintendo to issue guidelines for safe and effective use of the cool new motion-sensitive controller.

The lucky people over at WiiWii will be blogging about their shiny new gadgets throughout today (if they can tear themselves away from tennis and bowling) Make sure you check it out as they’ll have all the best news, tips and… well I’ve heard rumours of some wacky WiiWii stuff coming up too…

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Andy Merrett
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