Garmin's nüvi 660 sat nav puts Rudolf out of a job. Apparently.

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Disclaimer: Cheesy Christmas story ahead…

Well, it’s the week before Christmas so you’d expect a little bit of silliness to creep into the site, wouldn’t you? No? Oh well, tough…

We have it on good authority that Rudolf the Reindeer (yes, the red-nosed one) has stepped down as team leader because Santa got himself a nüvi 660 satellite navigation system from Garmin. Oh the shameless product placement…

The departure is termed “amicable”, with an official statement from Rudolph’s camp claiming the reindeer wishes to spend “more time with his family”. However, recent changes of procedure within Santa circles are widely rumoured to be ruffling some feathers (and fur).

“Santa bought a Garmin nüvi 660 personal travel assistant,” says an elf close to both parties, who asked not to be named. “It has a wide 4.3 inch touch screen, Bluetooth wireless capabilities for making hands-free phone calls and mapping across Europe. It wasn’t a political decision – Santa and Rudolph are still very close. But you have to move with the times, don’t you?”

Santa may well have sat-nav now (though he’s done the trip for so long I’m surprised he can’t remember it) but I would’ve thought he still needs a full complement of reindeer to pull that present-laden sled?

Maybe I should ask Santa what’s going on.


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