offer seasonal buying advice for last-minute Christmas shoppers


Are you stuck for present ideas, particularly for a gaming nut? have come up with five tips for frazzled Christmas shoppers who’ve left things a bit too late (you know who you are…)

1. Pay attention to any hints dropped by your nearest and dearest.

2. Do your research and find out what console the gamer has or wants, and also the type of games that they enjoy.

3. Check out the top sellers – chances are you’ll be on to a winner.

4. Accessorise – don’t forgot the added extra’s when buying a games console, buying someone a PS2 for Christmas without the memory card, is the equivalent of buying them a toy without batteries.

5. If in doubt get them gift vouchers and let them choose their own present. have also listed their top 5 online sellers, which are:

1. Need for Speed: Carbon
2. FIFA 07
3. WWE Smackdown! Vs RAW 07
4. Pro Evolution Soccer 6
5. Gears of War

And for goodness sake don’t buy them a Wii if they want an Xbox!

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  • I think that the article should end “For goodness sake, don’t buy them an XBox if they’re holding out for a Wii” 😉

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