BT Vision – digital terrestrial TV plus on-demand programming through a phone line

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We previewed the BT Vision service way back in March. Nine months down the line and it’s available – just in time for Christmas viewing.

BT Vision, initially available only to BT broadband subscribers, is the company’s offering of digital terrestrial television channels through an aerial, alongside on-demand services through broadband. The service is powered by the V-box – a twin-tuner digital video recorder (worth around £200), which is available for an installation fee of £60 and a connection charge of £30. The service itself is free, except for the monthly broadband/telephone line fee – likely to be around £17.

BT is initially offering digital channels through an aerial. Currently, the BT network is incapable of carrying live TV signals. But investment in a new network should make standard and high-definition signals over its network possible at some point in the future. Right now, it’s concentrating very much on its on-demand programming, including films, Premiership football, children’s shows from Disney, plus an extensive back catalogue of TV from recent years.

BT claims that 40,000 customers have so far pre-registered for the service. We’ll have more details on the service online as soon as we have get them.

BT Vision website

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