Aerosoarer – the world's smallest remote-controlled plane


Building and flying a model aeroplane doesn’t necessarily require a degree in physics and too much spare time on your hands – the Aerosoarer comes ready-built, just charge it up and it’s up, up and away!

The Aerosoarer is small – in fact, it’s the smallest remote-controlled plane around at just 3g in weight and with an 8-inch wingspan, so don’t fly it too far or you may never see it again. A 45-second charge and it’s ready to fly, with control via the infrared unit in your hand. A rudder allows you to turn left or right, whilst the micro engine provides the aeroplane’s lift and speed.

And if you do lose control, it should be fairly solid, with the styrene foam build offering a gentle landing. Available online, you can pick it up for around £60.

Find out more at the Aerosoarer website

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Dave Walker
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