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MetrixLab are again running their annual competition to find the UK’s favourite websites in a number of categories. As an incentive to taking the time out to vote, every visitor will be entered into a prize draw to win some hi-tech goodies including a Philips plasma TV, a Nokia N92, or 2 DVDs.

Split across categories including auction, community, fun and games, job, portal, entertainment, blog, video-share, finance, shopping, and travel, a shortlist has already been drawn up, from which you get to choose which you think is the best.

Thankfully for the time poor you don’t have to vote in all 20 categories, just as well if you haven’t even heard of half the sites.

The winning sites get recognition in press and on the web, and are allowed to display the award on their site for one year.

Now, most disappointingly I couldn’t find any of Shiny Media’s web sites on the list – in fact I couldn’t find a lot of the sites I like on there. There also seems to be a little confusion in some categories. For example, under the “Blog” category we, which is neither British nor a blog (it’s a blogging tool), and, which is a photo sharing site, and under telecoms someone can’t spell ‘vodafone’ – good job they also registered ‘vodaphone’ eh?

Anyway, enough of the picking of nits. Have a peek – some of the sites aren’t boring corporate ones (really). You can vote up until December the 1st.

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One thought on “Vote for the UK's Website of the Year

  • Yes, the nominated sites are a bit random to say the least. Under entertainment there’s HMV (a shop) and (which doesn’t actually serve the UK). And as for ISP sites…

    I might be wrong, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you stuck the category names into Google, you’d pull up the entire shortlists.

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