USB optical mouse and SD card reader


I’m not sure I can call this convergence, because adding an SD card slot to your mouse to produce the USB optical mouse and SD card reader isn’t going to save space on your desk – but if you don’t have a built-in SD card slot on your PC, it might be worth a look.

The 800dpi optical mouse does away with the roller ball, using infra red technology to identify where to position the curser. It also has a retractable cable measuring 75cm when extended, with the option of connecting via USB port or standard mouse port.

And then there’s the SD slot on the mouse, which allows you to upload or download data via SD/MMC card. Useful if your machine doesn’t have a slot or simply more convenient if inserting a card means a long stretch under the desk (as it does in my case).

Available now for £5.95.

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Dave Walker
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