Fab Fob – a pocket-sized personal assistant for your car


We’re getting more technology in the car, so why not get some technology to keep track of it all? That’s what you get with the Fab Fob.

It’s effectively a pocket personal assistant for your vehicle, keeping track of all the essentials. From the LCD display, you can check your type pressure, mileage, the fuel level, change your radio station and check your car is locked. And it’s rugged, able to survive being dropped, dunked underwater or sprayed with salt water.

Now the bad news. It’s only available initially in the US and only for GM SUVs (also known as 4x4s or Chelsea tractors) for an additional $150 from April 2007. Mind you, if you’ve got a vehicle so pointlessly large, you probably need a remote to access the control panel.

GM website

Dave Walker
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