TWIG Discovery gadget combines mobile phone with GPS sat-nav

Mobile phones, Satellite Navigation systems

twigdiscovery.jpgThe TWIG Discovery is an all-in-one mobile phone and handheld satellite navigation / GPS unit which means that if you want personal navigation features you need only carry around one gadget with you and still get much of your mobile’s functionality.

Whilst you can get navigation software for mobiles and smartphones, Finnish manufacturer Benefon claim this as the first of its kind, combining GPS satnav with phone in a single handset.

Not only can it be used to find your way around the place, including places of interest, but it will also allow you to find your other TWIG-wielding friends, and plot a path to them.

There’s an alert button which allows your GPS location and address to be sent by SMS or email to ten preset contacts, instantly letting them know where you are.

Though the hardware doesn’t yet sport the niftier features of mobiles (camera, Java, etc.) its main purpose is in navigation and location of other people, and at this it sounds very capable.

The TWIG Discovery will retail for £330 and is available from their website.


Andy Merrett
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