TCI Copperhead 1080p HDMI cables: quality at a price


hdmi-cable.jpgCables aren’t the most exciting of accessories but, until such a time as we can go totally wireless, they’re essential for connecting our audio-visual gear together, and you certainly know when you’ve got a bad quality cable.

It’s easy to skimp on cable quality, so if like me you balk at spending almost high-double or even triple digits on cabling, you’ll probably want to look away now… or see what true home cinema buffs might want to get their hands on.

If you’ve spent thousands on HDTV, Sky HD, and a HD DVD or Blu-ray player, the last thing you want is some crappy cable ruining your investment. TCI (True Colours Industries) Copperhead 1080p HDMI cables are designed to provide the best quality high-definition picture and sound possible, and with prices starting at £99 for a 1m cable, you’d better be serious about your home cinema!

They’ll happily transfer full-HD 1080p content on cables up to 20 metres in length (they come in at an eye-watering £549.99), and comply with the HDMI 1.2 specification. They come in 1m, 2m, 5m, 7.5m, 10m, 15m and 20m lengths.

They claim the finest materials have been used. Multi-layer shielding reduces external noise, a tough outer braid protects the cable and magnetically shielded metal plugs enhance the overall performance to deliver some of the best pictures available via HDMI.

Lovely. But… very… expensive…

Andy Merrett
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