Sony PS3 not as backward-compatible as we thought


Sony have revealed that their long-awaited Playstation 3, coming to stores in the US on Friday, may not be as backward compatible with PS2 and PSOne games as gamers were first led to believe.

For some, it’s a problem with the sound, whilst other titles won’t play at all.

Sony are busy testing games to see if they’re compatible, but haven’t given much information away about which ones don’t work, but media sources are suggesting that around 200 titles may be affected.

It’s unlikely to be a major issue for those desperate to get their hands on the new console, but it could cause some upsets down the line, particularly for anyone with a lot of PS2 games that felt like playing them all on the new box and flogging their old system on eBay.

As gamers in Europe are painfully aware, though, we’re going to wait until way too long into 2007 to get hold of one. Maybe there’ll be a fix by then, if that’s a consolation.

Andy Merrett
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