SlingBox comes to Mac

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Sling Media have announced that they’re releasing their SlingPlayer software for the Mac (beta of course). That means you Mac fans can now get hold of a Slingbox and actually use it with your Net-connected Mac.

The only downside is that the product isn’t compatible with Apple’s wireless products, so you’ll likely need a direct cable connection to the Net or a non-Apple wireless solution.

Good news for Mac fans who can add themselves to Sling Media’s customer base, along with mobile users.

Andy Merrett
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  • I believe this means that the SlingPlayer beta cannot auto-configure the port-forwarding on the Apple wireless products, to allow for over-the-‘net viewing of your Slingbox. This may be true, I don’t know, I don’t have an Airport Express or Airport Extreme. However, it should be possible to set a port forwarding rule for the Slingbox manually… so “incompatible” might not be the proper term. Perhaps they should say “Unfortunately, at this time configuring an Apple wireless product is not automatic, and to stream over the ‘net, additional manual setup may be required.”?

    The Slingbox is incompatible out-of-the-box with the Airport Express, as it would lack a LAN port to plug the Slingbox into. If anyone is in this situation, a wireless bridge should still allow you to connect it. I find that Zyxel’s P-330W wireless router works excellent at this. It has a bridge mode and I have used it to connect computers to networks made from both Linksys and Zyxel equipment. If this step is necessary, then also get a better antenna for the Zyxel, as I found mine kind of weak.

    Aside from needing the wireless bridge, or possibly having to manually configure the port forwarding, I fail to see how the Slingbox is “incompatible” with the Apple equipment.

  • I was able to use a Slingbox AV with the beta version of the Mac Software on a 667 Mhz Ti-Powerbook over an airport network with no problems when I was close enough to the base station for a high signal strength, which implies a farily fast transfer rate. Not sure what you comment about it being imcompatible with Apple’s wireless network means. That isn’t true for my setup.

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