Sling Media and Symbian partnership for mobile TV viewing


slingsymbian.jpgSling Media who make the popular ‘TV-over-the-Internet’ Slingbox, and Symbian who produce an operating system for smartphones, have partnered to bring a new mobile TV solution to consumers.

Sling Media will make a version of its SlingPlayer Mobile software available for Symbian OS in selected European and Asian countries before the end of the year, branching out to the US thereafter.

The solution will let smartphone users on S60 and UIQ use their devices as mobile digital TVs that can pick up any programme available from their home. SlingPlayer Mobile will be able to control a user’s home PVR so they can watch recorded shows, manipulate live content and schedule new recordings.

lake Krikorian, CEO of Sling Media said that “People love their living room TV programming and simply want the ability to watch it on any device wherever they happen to be, whether at work on their PC, around the home on their wireless laptop, or on the go via their mobile phone. I’ve been using a beta version of the SlingPlayer Mobile on a Symbian smartphone, and it’s pure sweetness.”

Not surprisingly you’ll need a Slingbox. This new solution simply extends the options you have for watching your home TV, Freeview, cable or PVR content on the move. If you’ve a Symbian smartphone, you don’t need a Net-enabled PC to watch content, as it’ll work over 3G or WiFi.

They’ve a large mobile customer base to work with, as Symbian OS is present in over 82 million smartphones worldwide.

Andy Merrett
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