Orange launch multi-device mobile sat nav system

Satellite Navigation systems

Orange today announced a new GPS navigation application designed for business which can be downloaded on to a range of mobile devices including smartphones and PDAs from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, BlackBerry and Orange.

Powered by Webraska, a leading provider of GPS navigation solutions, Sat-Nav from Orange can be used when walking, cycling or driving. Rather than having a specific device just for this application, it works on a range of mobile devices making it a cost effective business investment. All maps and live traffic updates are held on a central server and are downloadable from the internet via Wifi, 3G, GPRS or the Orange EDGE network onto the mobile device, saving memory space and ensuring that maps and points of interest are always up to date.

The application is quick and easy to install and it’s easy to download routes. The detailed maps from NAVTEQ hold information on hotels, restaurants, parking and other useful points of interest, plus speed cameras and live traffic information. The maps are updated every 3 months.

Once each route has been downloaded, Sat-Nav provides GPS-triggered real-time, turn by turn voice instructions, clear maps with road names and pictograms of turns, which provide accurate directions even in the most built up areas. Favourite routes can be saved to mobile devices. Real-time road traffic information allows routes to be optimised according to traffic conditions and enables automatic re-routing where necessary.

Research suggests that by the end of the year, over 14 million satellite navigation units will have been sold in the UK, with around 1 million on smartphone devices.


Andy Merrett
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