One in five Brits face free broadband 'nightmare'


cwbb.pngSpeaking to the Mail on Sunday, the CEO of the Carphone Warehouse, Charles Dunstone, admitted that one in five people who signed up for their ‘free’ broadband deal had experienced some kind of problem, either with difficulty of installation, the phone exchange, the phone line, or some other snag.

However he also said that the waiting list for installation was now down to six weeks, and still more people—”thousands every day”—were signing up for the service.

It’s cost Carphone Warehouse dear, too, with an estimated £45m shelled out to set the system up.

“It was an idea that went out of control,” Mr Dunstone said. “I thought, ‘We’ve got all these people coming into the shops, what else can we sell them?’”

Even so, with the acquisition of AOL’s UK Internet buisness, CW is now the third largest provider of voice calls and broadband in the UK, so they can’t be doing everything wrong.

Dunstone is one of a small breed of a CEOs who keeps his own blog.

Andy Merrett
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