Nuclear Website Trawled by Spooks

Propellerhead News

anyrad.jpgWithin days of its launch, the world’s first website devoted to the fun side of nuclear ionizing radiation attracted the attention of a impressive number of government agencies, security services, research establishments and international regulatory bodies. It is possible links to articles on how to build an atomic bomb (and how to defuse one…) may have caught their attention.

In just one day the site logged visitors from the Ministry of Defence, the FBI, British Nuclear Fuels, Porton Down Research, NHS, DHSS and many others who didn’t leave calling cards or used anonymous addresses. Several even made purchases, with ‘Toxic Waste’ mugs, Atomic Head sweets and key rings proving especially popular with the nuclear establishment.

The Anythingradioactive office, which also sells Geiger counters, glowing radioactive ‘uranium’ marbles and Trinitite (fused sand recovered from the test site of the world’s first atomic bomb test) on the web also received a visit in person from the local council Health and Safety department, who gave the site the all-clear.

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