New website claims better searching of BBC videos online than the BBC

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searchbbcvideo.jpgA new web site set up by a former head of BBC News Online, Bob Eggington, claims that it searches the vast array of the BBC’s online videos more extensively that BBC Online’s own search algorithms.

Eggington’s company TV Genius built the site which trawls the BBC’s web sites and lists all the videos currently held on its databases, apparently including those which don’t have official links to them yet.

He said:

“I’ve been frustrated for years now about the fact that there’s no way of finding the immense amount of online video that the BBC posts on its various websites.

“The BBC may only have about 27,000 videos on their site, but in terms of the content, it’s a lot more compelling than the several millions on others.

“It’s much too rich an asset to lie unused and there is great demand for it. In my view the BBC has taken too long to create a way of letting users see the material. After all, the users paid for it.”

He said that each night the TV Genius editorial team go through the BBC web site searching and prioritising content to provide the best results to searchers. However, he also said that he expected the site to be temporary, and that he wasn’t trying to profit from it, and hoped that the BBC’s own search systems would improve so that his service would become redundant.

Search BBC Video web site

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