New site promises Advent "Mac app a day" Christmas present


applelogo.pngA new website is claiming that it’ll be giving away a piece of free software every day in December.

MacAppADay says it will give away 5000 pieces of software every day during the month of December, with each application being worth at least $10. They can’t afford it themselves, but apparently they’ve done deals with a number of software developers who were ‘so enthusiastic’ to give away their software.

One developer said:

“The idea of giving away popular Mac OSX applications for free, or with extended trials is great for the end user. It means they don’t need to dig into their pockets and bank accounts to get their hands on some of the great software that has been lined up. It’s also beneficial to the developers who have offered to contribute to this line up. Not only does it give further awareness of the applications, but also will give the users a better taste of the software, and hopefully encourage further sales of the applications in the future. It’s a win-win deal for both the users and developers.”

It’s all a bit hush-hush at the moment. Only the site owner knows exactly what deals have been done, and what software is going to be given away.

All that Mac owners wanting to get a piece of the action have to do is remember to visit the web site at 12 midnight PST every day from December 1st onwards (that’s 8am London time) to download the software.

It sounds like a bit of fun – even if you end up with 31 $10 pieces of shareware for free, there might be something in there that you end up loving, or hadn’t ever seen before.

It’s all sponsored by TheMacNurse (no I’ve not heard of them). Might be worth a look, set your electronic calendar and bookmarks now, Mac fans!

MacAppADay web site

Andy Merrett
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