Mobile adult content market to grow to $3.3bn by 2011

Mobile phones

mobile.pngJuniper Research suggests that demand from the well-developed European market will propel the mobile adult content market from its current level of $1.4bn to over $3.3bn by the year 2011.

Here’s a shock revelation: sex sells, and is pretty persistent. Mobile is the latest channel for the distribution of adult content, thanks to the increasingly rapid roll out of 3G services incorporating enhanced mobile video and graphics capabilities.

By 2011, video-based services will account for over 70% of mobile adult content market revenue.

Bruce Gibson, Research Director at Juniper Research, said: “The mobile channel will provide a different way of presenting adult content to traditional delivery channels and will reach new audiences. Mobile is about fun and instant gratification. I think the biggest opportunity is at the casual and “softer” end of the adult market –- lads in pubs sharing a video clip after a few pints and people looking for a bit of fun when they have spare time to kill, etc. – not the hard core stuff.””

So there you go, more sex on your mobile.

Andy Merrett
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