Maplin Electronics' remote-controlled heated car seat and body massager


Coming soon – those cold winter mornings, scraping the car windscreen and getting some frozen bits for your trouble. So how about treating yourself when you finally get inside with a remote-controlled heated car seat and body massager from Maplin Electronics.

The heated seat is detachable, slipping neatly onto your car seat to give you a warm back and behind as you drive to work. And for the more adventurous amongst you, there’s also a vibrate setting to massage away the day’s stresses and strains. There’s also a remote control to alter the speed of the massage and control which parts of the body gets massaged the most – but I’d pull over before you try that out.

The Heated Massaging Car Seat is available now from Maplins stores, priced at £29.99.

Maplin Electronics website

Dave Walker
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