Lindy launch external hard drive enclosure styled a la Mac Mini


lindyharddrive.jpgLindy have launched a new external hard disc drive case that is sized and styled like Apple’s Mac Mini (when I first saw it I thought it included the hard drive, but alas, it’s just a Mac Mini lookalike casing)

Naturally, it’ll work with any PC or Mac, but seems to be targeted at the Mac Mini user who is fast running out of space on their 160GB internal drive.

Able to sit under the Mac Mini, the Mini HDD Enclosure is compatible with 3.5” IDE/ATA drives and its silver and white design complements existing equipment. A fan free design ensures quiet operation and the enclosure’s aluminium top cover allows for even heat dissipation.

It features a USB 2.0 and FireWire 400 (IEEE1394a) combo interface, and as is the fashion at the moment it has a blue power LED indicator.

It measures 162x162x47mm, and costs £39.99. What drive you put in it is up to you. Looks good though.


Andy Merrett
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