Isis ball – the most difficult puzzle of all-time


Think you’re clever? Why not test your brain power with what’s claimed to be the most difficult puzzle of all-time – the Isis ball. And if you crack it, you could make yourself some cash.

The Isis is an interactive mind puzzle – you have to open the alloy ball, which is constructed in layers and covered in hieroglyphics. Each Isis is unique and requires a different combination to open it. Crack the combination and you’ll reveal a special key inside, which has a number stamped on it. The key will open one of the Isis golden pyramids which are hidden in secret locations throughout the UK, each containing a gold coin worth £500 and a number of silver coins worth £20 each.

There’s one downside – each Isis puzzle ball costs just under £100. But if you crack the puzzle, that’s a £400 profit! Available in a solid wooden box with a high polish finish, the Isis ball is available now.

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