Google's winning the UK search engine battle


In news that could have come from any time in the last decade or so, statistics show that more people are turning to Google to help them find things online. Hmm, that’ll be why it’s called a search engine, I guess.

Google accounted for over three-quarters (78%) of all UK searches last month, which is 9% up on the previous year. Yahoo a paltry 7.7%.

“Consumers are increasingly using search engines to navigate the web, Google and Yahoo in particular because of the brand name familiarity,” said Heather Hopkins, vice president of research for Hitwise UK.

As opposed to… just typing random text strings into the location bar and seeing what comes up (though that can be fun if you’re really bored)

Travel agents, online shops, and banks were the most often visited sites as a result of a search engine query.

All statistics came from Hitwise based on October’s figures.

Andy Merrett
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