Elgato launch EyeTV Diversity powerful dual-tuner for Mac

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diversity.jpgElgato have launched the latest product in their range of digital TV tuner USB sticks for the Mac, with the EyeTV Diversity dual tuner with proclaimed 50% better reception and picture quality in any room of your house.

Its technology allows for better reception of TV signals deep indoors, and in other challenging conditions such as in fast-moving transport.

It contains two integrated receivers and two portable antennae so you can watch two programmes, or record one and watch another, at once, or use both together to provide a stronger single signal. That’s the Diversity, apparently.

EyeTV uses multi-tuner and Antenna Diversity (AD) technology: the device’s integrated tuners are set to the same frequency and a Digital Signal Processor uses information from the two tuners and two aerials to construct the best possible signal. This leads to a much better reception and signal quality. At least, that’s the theory.

As well as this, if you choose to view two separate channels at once, you have the option of using the latest EyeTV’s picture-in-picture software functionality.

Though the minimum specification is a PowerPC G4 processor, the faster processor the better for processing the incoming signals and displaying them in the best quality.

It’s available now, priced around £100.

Elgato Systems

Andy Merrett
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