Denon D-F103HRDAB Hi-Fi with hard disk recorder, internet radio and home networking

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Hi-Fi manufacturers are starting to realise that many of us have home networks – and introducing systems that take advantage of it. Denon’s D-F103HRDAB isn’t the first, but it;s certainly one of the best equipped mini systems.

Features include DAB radio, FM radio, internet radio and CD player with MP3 playback. But that’s not the big selling point.The D-F103HRDAB also has a built-in hard drive can hold up to 10,000 songs, converting tracks to MP3 with full track data, thanks to online access to the Gracenote database. And as it’s network friendly, it can also stream tracks from other devices, such as your PC or Mac.

You can also add a device via the USB port for extra music, or backing up your Hi-Fi and there’s optional iPod integration/control. The speakers are tuned for “critical” UK ears and each micro hi-fi component is based on Denon’s latest full-size Advanced Evolution Hi-Fi – so no corner-cutting for the smaller unit.

The system will be available in the coming weeks, retailing for £850 or £1,000 if you go for the SC-F103 speakers too.

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