Analogue TVs selling well in UK despite 2012 switchoff


tv.pngResearch for Digital UK has found that analogue televisions are still selling quite well in the UK despite the total switchoff of analogue broadcast TV signals by 2012.

Though we’ve heard plenty of news of a healthy rise in sales of flat screen digital LCD and plasma sets, apparently two-thirds of sets sold in the three months to September relied on an analogue signal, based on a survey of 20,000 stores.

Sales of analogue sets were actually down by 24% year on year, with a rise of 183% for TVs with built-in digital TV tuners, and 342% rise of digital TV recorders.

It needn’t be all doom and gloom, though, for as always it depends on what you want from a TV. Analogue CRT televisions are reliable, and potentially as they’re starting to be seen as older technology, bargains are to be had. Yes they’re heavier and take up more room, but that doesn’t seem to worry many people.

Arguably, CRT still gives a better overall picture, in terms of blacks, shading and response time, than LCD screens.

And if you’re not bothered about high definition TV, then shelling out another 30 quid for a Freeview box is fine for ensuring you’ll get TV after 2012. And most other accessories will be hooking up to analogue sets via SCART, component and so on for some time to come.

Andy Merrett
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  • those figures are to do with the digital tuner, i’ve recently bought an analogue telly but have cable and free view feeding it. I imagine that’s not unusual.

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