Accustic Arts launch upgraded CD Player 1 Mk2

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Accustic Arts have released their upgraded CD player 1 Mk 2, an exceptionally high-end CD player for true music lovers (you’ll have to be – I’ll tell you the price at the end).

What you get for that cash is a 24 Bit / 192 kHz upsampling top-loading CD Player that positions your CDs in the drive using a precise magnetic puck that’s supposed to guarantee ideal disc-reading conditions (try getting your mini hi-fi player to do that).

It features a CDM Pro 2 drive module with cast metal frame and involved mechanical decoupling, a magnetically shielded toroidal core 75 VA transformer, and 5 separate power supply units for the laser control, digital signal processing, display control, display heating and D/A converter section.

It has an integrated, extremely fine digital to analogue converter section featuring 24 bit / 192 kHz Enhanced Multi-Level Delta-Sigma D/A converter (Burr Brown), and extremely fine analog output stage with only 12 dB Butterworth-Filter.

The spec sheet then goes on to talk about ‘generously dimensioned buffer sections’ and ‘selected filter capacitors and metal film resistors’ and that’s where my eyes started glazing over. This CD player is way, way out of my league (and my music collection)

Just the number of times they use the phrase ‘extremely fine’ makes me wonder if there’s intentional double meaning in there.

As if that’s not enough, it looks good too, bathed in blue light, and saying “Buy me, I dare you.” Or not…

And the price? A cool £3,985, part of which I am sure goes to the German craftsmen who hand build this marvel of modern audio technology.

Don’t expect to find it in Dixons, methinks. It is available now, though.

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