Hitachi's HMR-1 CD player and MP3 recorder


Hitachi has added a bit of extra functionality to the portable CD player in the form of the HRM-1, offering recording to SD card, without the need to connect up to a PC.

The HMR-1 is around the same size as a standard portable CD player, with MP3/WMA playback as well as standard audio CD. However, its best trick is to record to SD card – just stick in your CD and transfer tracks to the card – useful if you listen to music via a phone or PDA. You can also transfer music to the card from other externally attached sources. But before you get ideas, it doesn’t burn DRM tracks.

Available from late November in Japan, it will retail for around 25,200 Yen (around £114).

Hitachi website

Via Engadget

Dave Walker
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