Western Digital My Book Pro Edition II 1TB drive


With so many devices offering to throw our digital tunes around the home, it’s becoming more convenient to stick all your audio onto a hard drive for remote access. And then there’s all the other files you might accumulate. If that’s you, it might be worth looking at the Western Digital My Book Pro Edition II 1TB drive.

Yes, you read it right – one terabyte of storage. And as an added bonus, it looks good too, slightly like a book (but unlikely to fool anyone). It consists of two separate 500GB hard drives – that’s enough space to store 125 hours of high-definition movie footage, nearly 1,500 DivX movies or 256,000 MP3 files. That’s got to cover anyone’s immediate needs. There’s a guage to tell you how much you’ve used and connectivity via – USB 2.0, FireWire 400 and ultra-fast FireWire 800 – which offers a maximum transfer rate of 800Mbps.

It’s not network attached, so you can’t access if your computer is off, but still seems worth a look at around £400.

Find out more at the Western Digital website

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Dave Walker
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