Yay or Nay: Yahoo Time Capsule


Earlier today we reported on the Yahoo Time Capsule being ‘buried’ on November 8th and reopened in 2020. It’ll contain all manner of user-submitted digital content.

The good side is that it will be a record of people’s thoughts in the year 2006. It could be interesting in 14 years’ time to see what tech stuff we were messing about with and what people thought of life. There’s also that $100k that Yahoo are planning to give away (though they could do that anyway).

On the negative side – well, is it really going to be interesting in just 14 years’ time? Traditional time capsules tend to be buried for 40 years at least. Has technology speeded everything up so much? Will Yahoo even be around in 2020?

What do you reckon? Yay or nay? And will you be contributing to it?

Andy Merrett
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One thought on “Yay or Nay: Yahoo Time Capsule

  • Maybe. At least I could look at it with friends and family who are still around? In todays age of instatnt grat, 14 years is most likely longer than anything we have come to love – the web was started 14 yrs ago (roughly). 100 years is a better story – but 14 yrs from now I’ll hopefully be around.

    Until Google buys Yahoo! and sells all this info at firesale. I hope they protect it.

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